Black Emoji App For Android

Download our free to use Black Emoji sticker app for all Android devices. Download it on the Google Play store now!

How to use the Afromoji app?

Get some of the funniest Afromoji stickers to share with your friends!

The first step is quite easy. You simply click on this link to find Afromoji on the Google Play store. Click on Install and the app will be installed on your phone!

Now that the Afromoji app is installed on your phone. It will likely be added to your home screen. You will find our app icon with the name Afromoji below it. Just tap the icon and our app will open.

You can now scroll through all our stickers. We have hundreds of stickers, for any occaision. You can tap on any sticker you’d like to send and it will display a bigger version of it so that you can decide if you want to send it.

Now that you’ve decided which sticker you’d like to send. Tap on the Share button, which will open your phone’s share screen. Here you will find all the apps that you can use to share this sticker. For example: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc. You can select which app you’d like to use and then find the contact that you wish to share this sticker with. Now you can confirm and your contact will have received the awesome Afromoji sticker!

Afromoji Features

Free Apps

Our Afromoji app is free to use. Currently we only have an Android version, and it will always be free to download. You can find it easily on the official Google Play store.

Unique Designs

Our designs are unique so you will find no other app with our designs. And we continuously add more. So keep an eye out for new Afromoji stickers in the app.

Easy Sharing

Our app is very easy to use. You simply tap on the sticker you wish to share and find the contact to send it to. Our app works with all kinds of messaging apps and it's very easy to use.

For You

We felt that there was an entire group of people disconnected with the emoji culture and we’re fixing that gap. We're working hard to make sure that the African and the African American community is represented properly!

All Apps

Our Afromoji app works with all social messaging apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter & more) that allow image sending to other contacts.

More Gifs

Besides our own black emojis, stickers and other African American emoji, we also have selected animated gifs that we've collected from third-party sources.

About Afromoji

Afromoji, an Android app, can be downloaded free of charge. You can share it with your friends by using black emojis and realmoji stickers. Afromoji, a black emoji sticker app, will revolutionize messaging and chatting. The African emojis stickers and emojis will be a hit. They are funny, original, and extremely versatile. The Afro emoticons app will amaze you with its variety and universality. We never stop trying to make the best black African emojis and emoticons. Keep your apps up to date as we add more funnier and diverse black emojis every update. We want you to be happy, so keep checking our apps and look out for fun surprises!